North Central College - Naperville, IL

Program and Degree Options

You can major or minor in French at North Central College. A major requires 24 credit hours (usually eight courses) and a minor requires 18 credit hours (usually six courses) with six of those hours at the 300 level.

The elementary (101, 102, 103) and intermediate (201, 202, 250, 310) levels in French must be taken sequentially. At the 300-400 levels you can choose from a variety of courses. FRN 310 must be completed before you take any 300-level courses, and two 300-level course must be completed before you take any 400-level courses.

Interested in teaching French? We may soon offer Teacher certification in French. Contact Sophie Hand, Professor of French.

D-Term Study Abroad Opportunity

A Journey Through the History of France

North Central College has made a firm commitment to ensuring that students, faculty, staff and the Naperville community develop knowledge and appreciation of cultural differences in both domestic and international settings. For students, an education at this institution includes a global dimension gained through proficiency-based language learning, course work, internships, person-to-person contacts, study abroad, and travel. 

Recent Advanced Courses in French

-Vichy France (FRN 338)
-Contemporary France (FRN 331)
-Humor in French Literature (FRN 470)
-Francophone Women Writers (FRN 327)
-History of France (FRN 330)
-Medieval French Literature (FRN 420)
-Survey of French Literature (FRN 325)
-French Theatre (FRN 480)