North Central College - Naperville, IL


Mais oui! French remains an important language for diplomatic and professional use … not to mention for sampling some of the best cuisine in the world! At North Central College, you can develop your French skills and become more knowledgeable about French-speaking areas around the globe.

Do you like lively classroom conversations and debates? You’ll get plenty of that in your French classes! Want to find additional ways to practice your French? Check out the services of the Language Resource Center.

You’ll also find plenty of informal opportunities to help you develop your French skills. We schedule language tables, le Cercle français (French club), field trips to French-related sites in the Chicago area, and community events. Spending time with exchange students from France and other francophone areas will help you build your language skills. Venez voir!

Catholic University Angers


Every year we send several students on our exchange program to Angers, France, where they study side-by-side with French students at the Université Catholique de l’Ouest. It’s a great way to perfect your abilities in French, experience French culture and meet new friends. We invite all our French students to participate in study abroad opportunities.

Explore the French-Speaking World!

A Journey through the History of France

Eiffel Tower

Immersion/Cultural Change in Morocco!

Morocco Rabat 2008

Since 2006, North Central French faculty and students traveled to France during D-Term. French Professor Norval Bard accompanies these students on a tour of the history and culture of France.