North Central College - Naperville, IL

Program and Degree Options

You will earn a B.A. in exercise science. Your major requires the following courses:

HPE 103 Weight Training
BCM 140 Nutrition
HPE 137 First Aid
BIO 147 Anatomy and Physiology
HPE 195 Motor Learning and Development
HPE 222 Foundations of Exercise Science
HPE 247 Human Anatomy
HPE 250 Sport Management
HPE 280 Human Physiology
PSY 250 Statistics
PSY 255 Research Design -or- SOA 200 Research Methods in Social Science
HPE 317 Kinesiology

HPE 347 Physiology of Exercise

HPE 354 Applied Nutrition and Body Weight Management

HPE 410 Fitness Evaluation
HPE 420 Exercise Program Design for the Fitness Professional
HPE 497 Internship

Prerequisite Courses include:  100-level Biology course or strong science background; MTH 118-Finite Mathematics or equivalent

Recommended Electives: PSY 280-Drugs and Behavior; PSY 385- Health Psychology

Students who choose to pursue a B.S. degree will require additional courses: MTH 152; PSY 250; PSY 255; PHY 141 and PHY 142 or CHM 141 and CHM 142; and one of: PSY 210, PSY 220, or PSY 230.