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Environmental Studies

It's an exciting time to be a part of the conversation as humanity seeks ways to live in harmony with nature. With the North Central College Environmental Studies minor, you can be more than just part of the can be central to the solutions.

Ecological issues are rarely rooted in one cause. They are typically the result of a combination of economic, political, scientific and social forces. Having an understanding of the complex relationship among these factors is key to finding remedies to long-standing environmental challenges.

The Environmental Studies minor helps you do just that by drawing its course selection from the science, business and humanities disciplines. Through group projects, research opportunities and faculty collaboration, you will make connections among these seemingly unrelated topics, while developing the theoretical framework, analytical tools and problem-solving skills needed to address our environmental problems.

Environmental Studies
is a versatile minor when paired with any of the majors that North Central offers, like:

  • Biology—If you are seeking to impact environmental policy and restoration, this would be an essential component to your education;
  • Business—As the demand for green products, processes, and services grows in response to climate change, environmental studies could give you a competitive edge in the business world;
  • Education—Environmentalism is an ongoing issue that future generations will face and is commonly included in science and social science curriculums in elementary and secondary schools.

Or, incorporate the knowledge into your own life as a responsible citizen aiming to minimize your carbon footprint on the world.

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Rylee Main '09 
Global Studies major/
Environmental Studies minor

Rylee traveled to Tunisia as a part of an interim research project to investigate how Tunisia's tourism industry measures up against ecotourism criteria. Her studies and travels have taught her that most environmental issues start when a country begins to develop. She plans to work with developing nations to put eco-friendly policies in place as they begin to grow and prosper. The combination of global studies and environmental studies is giving her both the cultural framework and practical knowledge needed in the field.

Be Cardinal Green
Read more about North Central College's sustainability efforts.