North Central College - Naperville, IL

Research Opportunities

The Richter Fellowship Program

The Richter Fellowship Program is a highly unusual program that awards grants to encourage individual student research. Grants of up to $5,000 allow students to pursue projects that otherwise would not be feasible. Since 1977, hundreds of North Central students have used these grants to travel across the United States and around the world to pursue and present their research interests.

Awarded to English Majors or Minors

2013-14 Richter Independent Research Project

Pillars of Fear: Gothic Literature's Influence on the Modern Horror Film.  Nathaniel Gingrich

The Immortality of King Arthur's Legend.  Madeline Wierzal

2012-2013 Richter Independent Research Project

Jingle Lizard: An Undergraduate 3D Animated Short.  Amber Dvorak '13

2011-12 Richter Independent  Research Project
Richard in the Present:  Staging Disability in the Twenty-first Century. Colin Loeffler '14

Cultural Analysis of Thai Children's Books.  Emma Rothenfluh '12

2009-10 Richter Independent Study Research Grants
Observing Legal Oral Arguments from Multiple Perspectives: A Relevant Experience through an Interdisciplinary Lens.    Erin Martin '12; (group project)

Susan D. Moeller's 'Compassion Fatigue' preventing journalism methods and how they were applied when reporting on the LRA.   Ryan Piers '10

2008-09 Richter Independent Study Research Grants
Tea for Two and Coffee Talk:  Comparative Portraits of Colchester, Essex, England, and Naperville, Illinois, USA, Seen through the Cultural Lens of Coffee Shops and Tea Shops. Brigit Goudie '10

Barack'n in the Satirical World: How the Election of Barack Obama Changed the Culture of Political Satire in America.  Laurel White '10

2007-08 Richter Independent Study Research Grants
Frida Kahlo: Locating Gender and "The Self" in Self-Portraits. Amanda Bert '08

Enlightening Letters: Following in Lady Mary's footsteps to expose North Central to Turkish and Tunisian Cultures Brianna Hyslop '09

Opera as Text: Reading Representations of the Female in Live Opera Performance. Michelle LeDonne '09

2007-08 Conference Presentations
Examining Otherness: Assimilations, Murder, and Suicide in Shakespeare's Othello. Amanda Bert '08

Listening to Emilia: The Personal Ethics and Values of Othello's Second Female Lead. Michelle LeDonne '09

Control and Degradation: Illness in Women's Literature. Alyssa Vincent '09

The Monstrous in Beowulf: Futile Attempts at Comprehension. Mary Boscarino '08

The Deontologist vs. the Amoralist: Contrasting Ethical Perspectives in the Film You've Got Mail. Laurel White '10

The Representation of Concordia Discourse and its Role in Creating Identity in Alexander Pope's Windsor Forest.  Laurel White '10