North Central College - Naperville, IL

Outstanding Majors Awards

We are proud to present our 2010-11 Outstanding Majors:

Outstanding Major in English – Emily Schmidt '12
Emily Schmidt has excelled as a double major in English and Theatre Performance and has received our highest award for her high achievement across the critical and creative breadth of English Studies.  She combines her formidable abilities as a literary and cultural analysis with wide-ranging creative endeavors. She has read her poetry at a Chicago poetry festival.  She co-founded, performs in and writes for the Acid Reflux Comedy Troupe. She recently completed an Honors Thesis in creative non-fiction, a substantial work of gender analysis deeply researched and informed by her own experience of gender performance in everyday life. Emily plans to continue her creative career by pursuing a Master's of Fine Arts degree.

Outstanding Major in Writing -- Amy Olson '12
Amy Olson has been a prolific undergraduate poet. She has read her distinctive poetry about human emotions and consciousness at regional and national conferences and published it in three different journals. As co-editor of the North Central Review, our national undergraduate journal of creative writing, she helped establish "The Underground," a monthly open mic evening of poetry and music on campus. Amy has been a tireless producer and promoter of creative writing at the College.

Outstanding Major in Journalism -- Jenna Markowski '12
Jenna Markowski's four year involvement with our student newspaper, culminated in the positions of campus editor and editor-in-chief of The Chronicle. As editor-in-chief, she applied her skills from a double major in print journalism and interactive media studies to redesigning The Chronicle's print edition, expanding the online edition, and actively promoting the paper through a variety of social media. Jenna is pursuing a career in journalism or multi-media.

Outstanding Major in Literature – Elizabeth Burrow '12
As a transfer student and mother, Beth Burrow rapidly made her mark as a student of literature and secondary education. She always contributed thoughtfully to classroom discussion and produced insightful, extraordinarily well-researched work in literary criticism and linguistics. As she has been a leader in our classrooms, we know that she will soon be a leader in her own classroom as a teacher of English literature. Her students will be lucky to have her!