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Whether you prefer to read Toni Morrison or Shakespeare, argue over a controversial new film, play with language in a poem till it captures the sounds and images you desire, or pursue a news story in order to expose an injustice, you'll find the faculty and resources to explore your passions by majoring or minoring in English Studies. You'll be able to pursue your particular interests through courses that challenge you to learn both traditional and contemporary approaches to our changing field. Students study historical contexts, develop strategies for close reading and persuasive writing, and, not least, are encouraged to grow as citizens, critics, and thinkers in a complex world.

Careful reading ....Thoughtful, effective writing ....These are what English majors practice, and all are valuable in every profession — from teaching and writing to journalism, theatre, law, and management.

Drawing on historical traditions and contemporary theory, the study of English also addresses urgent human questions: How can we best argue conflicting values within and beyond our communities? How do writers from differing historical periods understand what it means to be human? Can we know what "human" means now that science and technology affect lives so profoundly? How does what we read influence our ethics and values? What can we hope to change with our writing, rhetoric, and reporting?

The English Studies major offers students the flexibility to follow their own interests in their choice of upper level electives. Those seeking more specific career objectives have the following choices:











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NCC Student at Big Ben"My experiences in North Central's English department and with the North Central Chronicle gave me the knowledge and credentials to land an internship with the most highly-trafficked web site in the UK, MSN UK. As an intern on their Entertainment team I was able to produce original content for the site, including stories, photo galleries, and quizzes.North Central's NCC Student in LondonEnglish curriculum prepared me with the design and writing skills that MSN UK required and helped me to hit the ground running in my internship experience, ensuring that I made the most of it." Laurel White '10