North Central College - Naperville, IL


Engineering is the application of science, mathematics and common sense to solve practical problems and design useful products.

In North Central’s engineering program you’ll gain a high-quality engineering education while experiencing the best of two worlds –– the personal atmosphere of a small college paired with the diverse opportunities of a large university.  You’ll earn two degrees –– a bachelor of arts or science degree from North Central and a bachelor of science in engineering from a major university.  

Many traditional engineering programs require you to commit to a major, like mechanical or electrical engineering, while you’re still in high school. In our program you’ll choose an engineering major only after you’ve had time to discover your strengths and technical interests in college-level courses. During your time at North Central you can gain valuable experience through an internship in a nearby corporate or government research laboratory. And you’ll be able to participate in activities, like intercollegiate sports, which are often impractical for engineers at large universities.

We have a proven record of success: since the inception of the dual-degree program, 100% of North Central engineers who have entered the second phase of the program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have earned a bachelor's or master's degree in Engineering. Our engineering alumni enjoy successful careers in large corporations and in small consulting firms.

Students participate in research at Argonne National Laboratory

Patrick McCormack tightens bolts on a cryostat at the ATLAS accelerator at Argonne National Laboratory. Patrick took advantage of Argonne's co-op program to work part-time in an Argonne research laboratory in addition to being a full-time student at North Central.