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Test of Academic Proficiency

Test of Academic Proficiency

Information - Regarding the Use of ACT Plus Writing and SAT in lieu of the TAP 400 

Registration and Dates Preparation Materials

1. North Central College is offering the TAP pretest

If you need to pass the TAP 400, you can get ready by taking a pre-test offered at NCC.  To schedule an appointment for the TAP Pre-test, contact Academic Support Services (LAC 2nd floor), 630-637-5266. 
This is primarily for students who took EDN 101 at another college.  Students taking EDN 101 at NCC will be taking the pre-test in their EDN 101 class.

2. EDGE - Use time and work with a tutor during EDGE.  Held in Kaufman Dining Hall, Monday - Wednesday, 7:30-10:30 PM.

3. Use the tutorial resources available at the Khan Academy to refresh your knowledge in mathematics, language arts, and in writing.

4. Use and for preparation of the math portion of the TAP 400 and for review of the writing and language arts subareas of the test.

Aspects of the retired Basic Skills Test Preparation (BST) may be helpful in preparing for the TAP 400.

Prep online system -
The BST-Prep's purpose is to assist education students in becoming familiar with the Illinois Learning Standards This study guide is divided into 18 different lessons, one lesson for each standard. Each lesson will provide you with detailed information about each standard and learning activity that will reinforce the concepts beings presented. In addition, there are learning reviews and a post test.

How to get access:
 A.     Go to
 B.     Select “Register Student”
 C.     Enter the North Central College passcode “86DT2G3CWX” (case sensitive) and Submit 4. Complete the Register Pre-Service Teacher information and you will be given a username and password.