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Teach First

The ultimate goal of Teach First is to increase the graduation rate among first-generation students.  Teach First aims to recruit and retain first-generation students who want to become teachers, and then provides the mentorship and resources to launch these students into a successful teaching career.

From the moment their college career begins, Teach First students become part of a support network of peers, professors, and professional educators. The students and Teach First director, Julie Carballo, meet regularly throughout the academic year to discuss how the students are adjusting to college life and any challenges they may be facing in the classroom. At these meetings, students connect with peers who understand their struggles and share in the celebration of their achievements. Carballo also works with each student to create an individualized learning plan that includes realistic academic, personal, and professional goals.

Teach First Brochure

North Central College Teach First program inspires future educators

Teach First Alumni Share Expertise With First-generation Future Teachers

Julie Carballo
Director of First Generation Programs and Teach First