North Central College - Naperville, IL

Secondary Field Experiences

Coordinator:  Judy Jackson

If you are registering for one of the following courses, please refer to the department calendar for the orientation meetings each term.

All field experience placements are set up by the placement coordinator. Students may not seek their own placement.

EDN 361: Content Reading Field Experience (25 hour practicum)  Preservice teacher with student

This course Examines the current research, curricular goals, and methods of teaching reading in the high school content areas. Students apply strategies for teaching reading within their specific disciplines. Content literacy in a standards-based curriculum and research-based best practices for teaching all secondary readers - struggling, gifted, English language learning, and challenged - are studied. Prerequisite: EDN 101; PSY 205 or PSY 220; EDN 200; admission to the Teachers Education Program; concurrent enrollment in EDN 361 and EDN 276

EDN 201: K-12 and High School Teaching I Field Experience (50 hour practicum)  Preservice teacher with student

Introduction to teaching methods including instructional and assessment strategies. Emphasis on direct teaching, interactive instructional strategies, and assessment strategies that develop the skills and processes needed to help K-12 students acquire foundational, conceptual, and procedural knowledge. Prerequisite: EDN 101, PSY 205, pass TAP 400, concurrent enrollment in EDN 201. Recommended GPA of 2.75.

EDN 302: General Middle School Methods (25 hour practicum)

Provides music and physical education students with a content-area field experience in a middle school classroom. Students apply research-based methods to actual teaching situations. At least once during the term, an NCC supervisor observes the students as they teach lessons and conducts a follow-up conference in which the student and supervisor evaluate and discuss the lesson. Prerequisite: EDN 200. Must be taken concurrently with one of the following: MUS 407, MUS 408, or HPE 311.

EDN 371/373: High School Field Experience (50/40 hour practicum)

Provides students with an extended field experience in a secondary classroom in the student’s major content area (English, foreign language, mathematics, social studies, speech, art, music, or physical education). Students complete 50 (40 for EDN 373) hours of supervised field work applying research-based methods and techniques to actual teaching situations under the joint supervision of the cooperating classroom teacher and the NCC supervisor. Req: 50/40 field experience hours. Must be taken concurrently with one of EDN 333, EDN 338, EDN 340, EDN 342, EDN 344, EDN 346, EDN 348, or EDN 353.

EDN 485: Residency (Student Teaching) (full time, entire term)

Observe, plan, and teach under the guidance of a cooperating teacher; emphasis on guided teaching in actual classrooms. Ten full weeks following the public school calendar. Includes on-campus seminar requirement. Prerequisite: Acceptance into the Teacher Education Program, and completion of all professional education courses except EDN 411.

Secondary Supervisors

Norval Bard
Patricia Bayona
Amy Drendel
Jim Effinger
Sheryl Finkle
Sue Gensler
Mary Ann Kastner
Sean Kelley
Mary McMahon
Diane Minges
Mary Parks
Jackie Schutt
Ruth Wantland
Bill Wienke
Gregory Wolf