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Licensure Tests

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Content Tests at a Glance

Illinois State Board of Education

Test of Academic Proficiency (400) - needed for licensure. Must be passed before being admitted to the teacher education program. Click here for Test of Academic Proficiency Preparation Resources.  Or you may use your ACT scores.  Click here for information on using your ACT scores.

Professional Educator License (PEL)

Content-Area Tests (Test Name and Test Code)


Elementary Endorsement

Elementary/Middle Grades (110)

Elementary/Grades 1-6 (197-200)

Elementary Literacy

Secondary Endorsement

For Students Majoring in:
English Language Arts (111)
Mathematics (115)
Science: Biology (105)
Science: Chemistry (106)
Science: Physics (116)
Social Science: History (114)

Appropriate Content Area

(K-12) Endorsement

For students majoring in:
Foreign Language- French (127), German (128), Spanish (135), Chinese (126/Mandarin, 136/Cantonese)
Music (143)
Physical Education (144)
Visual Arts (145)

Appropriate Content Area