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Licensure Tests

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Illinois State Board of Education

Test of Academic Proficiency (400) - needed for licensure. Must be passed before being admitted to the teacher education program. Click here for Test of Academic Proficiency Preparation Resources.


Content-Area Tests (Test Name and Test Code)

Assessment of Profesional Teaching (APT)

Elementary Certificate - Type 3 (1-5)

Elementary/Middle Grades (110)

APT: Grades K-9 (102)

Secondary Certificate - Type 9 (9-12)

For Students Majoring in:
English Language Arts (111)
Mathematics (115)
Science: Biology (105)
Science: Chemistry (106)
Science: Physics (116)
Social Science: History (114)

APT: Grades 6-12 (103)

Special Certificate-Type 10 (K-12)

For students majoring in:
Foreign Language- French (127), German (128), Spanish (135)
Music (143)
Physical Education (144)
Visual Arts (145)

APT: Grades K-12 (104)

New Licensure Information

It is now in effect that a certification State test can be taken a maximum of 5 times. This maximum times is for all three tests, test of academic proficiency, content area, and Assessment of Professional Teaching. For more information visit

New Retake Policy

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) has implemented the following new ICTS testing policy effective January 12, 2010:

"Subsequent to January 12, 2010, no individual may attempt to pass the same test more than five times in any combination of the two formats [computer-based or paper-based testing]."