North Central College - Naperville, IL

Extra Field Experience Opportunities

Volunteer Hours

Form for volunteer hours

Acceptable (must be non-paid, for example)

  1. Observing in a public or private school
  2. Tutoring during or after school hours
  3. Judging science fairs; assisting at Science Olympiad
  4. Coaching sports (maximum of 10 hours accepted), non-paid
  5. Junior Achievement school-related activities
  6. Teacher aide/assistant teacher, non-paid positions
  7. Lunchroom, playground, study hall, etc. supervisor, non-paid
  8. Chaperone on field trips
  9. Outdoor Education assistant

Unacceptable (any paid positions/activities, for example)

  1. Girl/Boy Scouts
  2. Religious Education instructor
  3. Aide or substitute teacher paid positions

Find opportunities to complete your 150 field experience hours - check with Tara Sokol

Please contact your placement coordinator, Kelli Diaz, Elementary Field Experience or Judy Jackson , Secondary Field Experience.

Volunteer at Partnership Schools

Hill Middle School (link to school)
Lincoln Junior High School (link to school)
Madison Junior High School (link to school)
Washington Junior High School (link to school)