North Central College - Naperville, IL

Economics and Finance

The economics and finance department is home to majors and minors in both disciplines.

Economics is the study of how individuals, firms and societies make decisions about the allocation of scarce resources.  Many students select an economics major because it develops skills that are widely valued in finance, business, government, and law.  An economics major is also excellent preparation for students who seek advanced degrees in economics, finance, business, and law.

Finance is a dynamic and challenging field that seeks to develop within students an understanding of the conceptual framework of modern finance and the skills required for financial decision-making.  Students majoring in finance study financial markets and institutions and analyze investments.  The finance major is appropriate for students interested in careers in financial services (banks, brokerage houses, mutual funds, stock markets) or general business, or who intend to pursue graduate study in finance, economics, business, or law.

The department faculty strive to teach economics and finance majors the basic conceptual framework needed for advancement in their careers and to inspire students in each of these areas to cultivate quantitative analytical skills and to communicate precisely and elegantly.