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Many students have found classical civilization be a great complement to studies in philosophy, history, art history, pre-law or pre-medicine. Explore the possibilities!

Trevi Fountain

D-Term Study Abroad - Italy

November 29 - December 13, 2016

Art and Memory in Italy:  Classical Antiquity to the Present

This course offers students a firsthand introduction to the art, architecture and archaeology of central Italy, as well as a survey of Italian history from the founding of ancient Rome through the first half of the 20th centurey.  During our 10-day study tour, we will visit sites in Rome (including the Colosseum and Vatican), Florence and Naples, as well as the ancient ruins of Ostia and Pompeii and the Etruscan necropolis (or "city of the dead") at Cerveteri.  The objects we will examine will give us windows into the cultures of ancient Rome, early Christianity, the Italian Renaissance, as well as the Baroque and Counter-Reformation periods, and the rise of Italian nationalism in the 19th and 20th centuries. 

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Travel Opportunities to Enhance your Education

Brianna Hyslop in Turkey








Classics major Brianna Hyslop '09 traveled to Turkey and Tunisia during D-term 2008 to explore the classical roots of Orientalism.