North Central College - Naperville, IL



Invest in your future and stand out from the crowd...
MAJOR or MINOR in Chinese at North Central College!

As a student of Chinese, you can discover the joys of learning about Chinese culture, develop a language competency, participate in international working and learning communities, boost your resume and prepare for a career in a globalized economy and society.




  • Join the world’s 1.5 billion Chinese Mandarin speakers
  • Expand your job opportunities
  • One syllable words, no conjugations, simple grammar – easy to learn!
  • Close knit, exciting group of students in a growing program on campus
  • Gain a broader appreciation of Asian Culture

Features of

the NCC



  • Four Years of Language Study
    • 1st Year:  Foundation
    • 2nd Year:  Application
    • 3rd Year:  Immersion
    • 4th Year:  Profession 
  • Beyond the Classroom
    • Chinese Club
    • Large local Chinese community
    • Field trips to Community Center and local Chinese establishments
  • Study Abroad at the "Harvard of China" in Beijing
    • December trip program
    • Fall semester program
    • One year study and internship in China
  • Research Grants, Internships, and Job Opportunities
    • Locally in Greater Chicago
    • Globally in Beijing and Shanghai in China


Chinese Club NCC If you have studied Chinese before, or have Chinese language skills, we invite you to contact Dr. Jinai Sun to confirm your starting point in our program.  Otherwise, join us in Chinese 101!      


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