North Central College - Naperville, IL

Program and Degree Options

B.A. Requirements:

Prerequisite science and math coursework:
Introductory Biology
Introductory Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
Chemical Analysis
Descriptive Inorganic
Physical Chemistry
Calculus I
BIO 102
CHM 141, CHM 142
CHM 220, CHM 221, CHM 222
CHM 210
CHM 205
CHM 340 or 341
PSY 250
MTH 151
PHY 141, PHY 142, PHY 143

Upper Level Chemistry Coursework:
A minimum of 3.75 additional credit hours in chemistry coursework at the 300 level or higher.

Major Coursework:
    CMC 400   Modern Polarized Light Microscopy
    CMC 405   Techniques of Optical Crystallography
    CMC 410   Scanning Electron Microscopy
    CMC 411   Advanced Scanning Electron Microscopy Based Tools for Microanalysis 
    CMC 430   Microscopic Particle Handling: Particle Isolation, Manipulation and Mounting
    CMC 450   Introduction to Forensic Trace Evidence
    CMC 470   Raman Microscopy
    3-4 elective courses

B.S. Requirements:
In addition to the B.A. requirements, MTH 153 must be completed, as well as CHM 340 or 341 (the one not taken as part of the prerequisite coursework listed above).