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Program and Degree Options

I.  Introduction

A. The Athletic Training Program is a major track within the Kinesiology department, leading to a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree in Athletic Training. The student will complete the North Central College general education requirements, the course requirements within the athletic training education program, and the clinical  hour requirement assigned to each level of the program.

B. The Athletic Training Program extends over the entire undergraduate career. A student may transfer into the program as an upper classman. The minimum time commitment to complete the program is three years. This time period includes the selection year plus two additional years. Transfer students who have met similar admissions requirements at comparable schools will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If accepted, he/she will have to complete work on the required competencies and proficiencies at North Central College.

II. Program Admission Prerequisites and Procedures

A. Entrance Requirements

The prospective athletic training student will complete the following requirements during his/her first year of attendance at North Central College. Applications to the athletic training program will be made during the spring term of the freshman year (or first year of attendance). The athletic training staff will observe the candidate throughout the freshman year, observing performance, attitude, desire, and dependability. Prospective candidates for the athletic training program will be evaluated for admittance according to:

     1. Academic performance
     2. Number of recorded observation hours.
     3. Performance during observation hours.
     4. Demonstrated desire and motivation to enter the curriculum and pursue athletic training as a career, as evidenced by work habits, promptness, etc.
     5. Demonstrated appropriate clinical performance and conduct:
         a. Demonstrated work habits.
         b. Demonstrated ability to work with entire athletic department (athletes, coaches, peers, certified athletic training staff, administrators).
         c. Demonstrated ability to be self-motivated in completion of tasks.
         d. Demonstrate ability to carry out responsibilities as assigned.
         e. Demonstrates willingness to assist others in completion of responsibilities.
         f. Professional in appearance and dress.
         g. Exhibits professional conduct appropriate with level.

B. Application Process

     1. To apply for acceptance into the professional program in athletic training, prospective students must satisfactorily complete the following prerequisites:

          a. Completion of one year of attendance at North Central College with a minimum overall GPA of 2.5 or above (including transfer credits) and a 2.75 GPA or better in all KIN and athletic training courses.
          b. Complete 50 hours of supervised observation in the North Central College athletic training facilities. See “Clinical Education Guidelines” for details.
          c. Complete KIN 225, KIN 325, and KIN 157.
          d. Complete 100 level BIO course with a grade of “C” or better.
          e. Completion of all pre-admission skill competencies and proficiencies.
          f. Complete the North Central College written “Athletic Training Program Application.”
         g. Write a brief essay discussing his/her reasons for pursuing a career in athletic training and what his/her professional goals are.
         h. Submit two letters of recommendation. These letters must come from sources outside the North Central College Athletic Training Staff.
         i. Complete the interview with the Athletic Training Education Program Committee.

     2. Following the completion of the above-listed pre-requisites, the prospective athletic training student candidate will be interviewed. The interview will be conducted during the spring term of the student’s first academic year at North Central College. The committee will consist of the athletic training program director, the clinical education coordinator, and other selected institutional faculty and/or staff members.

     3. Determination of admission or dismissal from the North Central College athletic training program will be the responsibility of the committee listed in Item 2 above. This group will review applications, conduct interviews of candidates, and render a final decision.

     4. The interview is the final step in the application process. Following the interview, each candidate will receive written notification from the program director as to his/her acceptance into or rejection from the program. Candidates who are accepted into the program will be officially admitted the first day of the following academic year (fall term).

     5. The deadline for applications is May 1.

C. Admission to the North Central College Athletic Training Program is competitive. Due to enrollment limitations, students who have completed the pre-athletic training program at North Central College cannot be assured of admission to the professional and clinical education phase of the program.

D. Candidates will be admitted based on the “Athletic Training Program Admission Evaluation”. In order to be eligible for admission the student must accumulate a minimum of 30 points. From the pool of eligible applicants, an average of 10 students per year will be admitted.

E. Students may be granted conditional acceptance for a period of one year. At the conclusion of that year, the entrance requirements must be satisfactorily met or the student will be dismissed from the program. During this conditional term, certain clinical and/or academic requirements and limitations may be imposed on the student.

F. Students who are not accepted into the program may reapply for acceptance the following academic year. Acceptance will be based on the criteria previously identified. The student will only be allowed to reapply once.

G. Upon admission to the program students are also expected to obtain all required immunizations (Hepatitis B, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Tetanus, and Diphtheria). The immunization record must be signed by the physician conducting the physical examination. The cost of the immunizations and/or follow-up tests is the responsibility of the student. Failure to obtain the immunizations will result in removal of the student from the clinical portion of the program.

H. Once admitted to the athletic training education program, students will be required to purchase a liability insurance policy. The students will be provided with this information with the admission policy. This policy must be on file in the student’s clinical education file prior to beginning any clinical assignments. The policy must be renewed annually while in the athletic training program.

I. The “Technical Standards for Admission to the Athletic Training Program” form must be signed by both the applicant and the physician completing the physical examination and submitted to the ATP Director.

J. The student will undergo a background check once admitted to the program. Additional background checks and/or drug screening may be required, and the costs of these tests are the responsibility of the student. Specific information will be given to the student with the admission materials.

III. Student Athlete/Athletic Training Student Policy

Many students are interested in participating in one or more intercollegiate sports during their college years. The athletic training program is committed to encouraging students to explore the co-curricular activities available on campus. The program is also dedicated to ensuring that students fulfill the requirements for the athletic training major.

Because the athletic training major has a significant clinical component which often requires the student to complete rotations during the afternoons, evenings, and weekends, the following guidelines are in place to help students achieve these goals.

     1. Students admitted to the athletic training program may participate in intercollegiate athletics.
     2. Students admitted to the athletic training program shall limit their participation to one intercollegiate team.
     3. Athletic training students who are members of an intercollegiate team shall participate during their team’s traditional season only. Participation in non-traditional seasons is not encouraged. Only the traditional season will be taken into consideration when scheduling clinical experiences.
     4.  Athletic training students participating in intercollegiate athletics must fulfill all the didactic and clinical education program requirements, like all other students.
     5. All athletic training students must complete at least one “equipment intensive” clinical experience (e.g. football or men’s lacrosse). Athletic training students who participate in a fall sport will be required to a) return for an additional fall term in which they will be assigned to football, b) work with an equipment intensive sport during their high school rotation, or c) make another arrangement for an equipment intensive experience, including men’s lacrosse, with the program director.

IV. Fees
Additional expenses associated with the Athletic Training Program include payment for immunizations, background checks, drug-screens, travel expenses to and from off-campus clinical assignments, uniforms, and occasional conferences and workshops.

V. Appeal Process
The student has the right to appeal the decision made by the Athletic Training Program Committee. The student must submit a letter to the program director of Athletic Training within seven days after receiving notification. The contents of the letter should summarize the reason(s) that the student is appealing the decision and why the decision should be reversed. A conference will be held with the student, the athletic training program director, the staff certified athletic trainers, and the KIN department chair to discuss the decision and the student appeal.

VI. Course Progression
The coursework required for the Athletic Training major is listed in the Athletic Training Student Handbook and on the website. The athletic training coursework must be taken in the order suggested (KIN 157, 225, 325, 220, 247/285, 280, 340, 330, 341, 430, 425, 350/351, 440). Transfer students may require adjustments to the sequence. These will be addressed on an individual bases by the Program Director. When a student receives the grade of "F" the course must be remedied before progression to the next course in the sequence. Academic standing and program probation are explained in the Athletic Training Student Handbook.

VII. Program Standards and Graduation Requirements
A. Graduation from the Athletic Training Program will be contingent upon the following:

     1. Completion of the course requirements (as evidenced by an approved 'Graduation Application').
     2. Completion of a minimum of 950 clinical experience hours (including hours required for KIN 220, 330, and 440; internship; and pre-admission observations).
     3. GPA standards are maintained.

B. The GPA standards identified in paragraph II(B) must be maintained in order to remain in the program.
     1. In the event that academic performance (GPA) or athletic training work performance becomes substandard, the student will be placed on probation. The student will have one term to meet established criteria. While on probation the student may not enroll in any athletic training courses nor may they work in North Central College's athletic training facilities. If the student fails to meet the required GPA or clinical work performance criteria by the end of the probationary term, he/she will be dismissed from the program. Students who are dismissed will not be permitted to take any additional athletic training courses or work in the North Central College athletic training facilities or affiliated sites.
     2. A student who has been dismissed from the program may apply for reacceptance into the program. All of the standards set forth in the original admissions process remain in place (see paragraph II-B) and must be met. Final acceptance into the program will be based on the criteria in paragraph II (B-E).

C. Students will complete assessment criteria as required in both the didactic and clinical coursework.

     1. Program admission will be the first form of assessment. The student must complete the process as outlined.
     2. Competency evaluation will be administered at the conclusion of each term (3) while enrolled in the Clinical Experience in Athletic Training sequence (I-III).
     3. The cumulative grade point, in athletic training courses and overall, will] be evaluated at the conclusion of each term.
     4. The final assessment criteria will be the graduation application.  This application will be filed during the fall term of the student's final year of attendance. The student will obtain the application and, with the assistance of his/her advisor, fill it out and submit it to the registrar's office.

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