North Central College - Naperville, IL

Internship Program

Consider getting involved with the internship program if you want to:

  • discover if an interest can evolve into a rewarding career;
  • relate your classroom knowledge to the “real” world;
  • develop marketable skills and graduate with a competitive edge.

From the “corporate corridor” to downtown Chicago to downtown Naperville, there are many opportunities in our area. Craft an internship that best meets your needs. It may or may not be paid and you may take it for academic credit or just to enhance your resume.

Take Ednisha Knighten for example.
While most students were content to
watch the Chicago Fire professional
soccer team play, Ednisha wanted a
bigger piece of the action. She landed
an internship with the team’s charitable
arm, the FireWorks for Kids Foundation.

“It was a great opportunity to
put my book-learning to work.”


Credited Internship Learning Contract and Registration Deadline

  • The contract requires a detailed  written description that includes methods of evaluation, academic products related to the internship grade determination identifying how the grade reflects both the academic work and the fieldwork.
  • The Contract for a credited internship and attachments must be received in the Office of the Registrar no later than Friday of the third week of the term in which the student plans to do the internship.

The Credited Internship Learning Contract form is available on Career Development's website under "Internship Forms."

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