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Interdisciplinary Studies

“It also seems probable that the most creative thinking occurs at the meeting places of disciplines. At the center of any tradition, it is easy to become blind to alternatives. At the edges, where lines are blurred, it is easier to imagine that the world might be different.”

--Mary Catherine Bateson, Composing A Life

Are your interests wide-ranging? Have you been seeking a way to connect your fascination with such subjects as city life, gender, sport, or Buddhism with your proposed major in history, literature, or marketing? Do you notice connections across your classes that pique your curiosity? At North Central College you have a unique opportunity to pursue interdisciplinary and integrative studies in a variety of formats.

Interdisciplinary courses, sometimes team taught, enable you to develop a holistic approach to studying an issue or solving a problem. Interdisciplinary minors and majors, learning communities, links, and international course clusters invite you to enhance your studies through intensive focus on an interdisciplinary theme that crosses departmental boundaries. You also have the option to design your own individualized major.

Higher education organizations and working professionals have increasingly identified the need for “integrative learners who have learned the arts of exploration and connection” as vital to the complex workplace of the 21st century. Whether it be in corporate, medical, governmental, or science research settings, specialists are asked to communicate and problem solve across fields. At North Central you’ll find opportunities to join communities of faculty and students with just these aspirations. We welcome you into the conversation!

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