North Central College - Naperville, IL

General Education

How well will you do? In an era where today's "facts" are on tomorrow's junk heap?...where problems are so complex that no one kind of thinking holds the solution?...where nations are so interdependent that failure to understand cultural differences can jeopardize your wellbeing, even your job?...where the prize goes to those who not only can locate information but can separate the authentic from the bogus?...where a society's ability to thrive may well depend upon citizens who understand the uses and abuses of technology and the ethical dimensions of scientific research and discovery?

That is the world that awaits you--a world that is, in fact, already here.

Recognizing the dramatic transformations of the last decades of the 20th century, and looking to the ever-accelerating pace of change in the future, North Central College has developed a general education curriculum that offers you opportunities not only to survive but to thrive in such a world. At North Central, you'll learn to appreciate different methods of solving problems and when they see the connections between, say, science and politics, business and the arts, psychology and master not just a body of knowledge but critical thinking skills that will withstand the test of exercise leadership in the dynamic environment of the 21st century.

Core requirements will provide you with a solid liberal arts foundation, giving particular attention to writing, oral communication, critical thinking, and quantitative reasoning. Your choice of courses will allow you to forge your own special academic identity. Integrative features of the core include the  first year interdisciplinary seminar and the junior cross-disciplinary writing course.

General education at North Central also includes several All-College Requirements (ACRs) which feature intercultural and leadership, ethics, and values themes. They reinforce key skills and methods at the upper level. The three ACRs, offered in seminar format, help equip you to pursue graduate study or to enter a career with an impressive array of tools and insights.

Fast Facts: Gen Ed

The Core

  • English Composition
  • Speech Communication
  • Mathematics
  • Life and Physical Sciences
  • Humanities and Fine Arts
  • Social Sciences
  • Interdisciplinary Requirement

All-College Requirements

  • Religion and Ethics
  • Intercultural Seminar
  • Leadership, Ethics, and Values Seminar

Total Credit Hours: 39.5 - 42.5