North Central College - Naperville, IL

Academic Conference

Unrealistic Weight Loss Expectations Lead to Decreased Weight Loss One Year after Weight Loss Surgery
Leila Azarbad, Assistant Professor of Psychology

New Directions in the Editing of Medieval Manuscripts
Norval Bard, Professor of French; Chairperson of Modern and Classical Languages; Director of the Roberta I. Myers Language Resource Center

Learning Organic Chemistry Through Undergraduate Research Projects
Jeff Bjorklund, Professor of Chemistry, and David Rausch, Senior Lecturer in Chemistry

‘Who is John Galt?’: Why We Need Textual Recovery Criticism
Martha Bohrer, Associate Professor of English; Chairperson of English

Clean and Simple Syntheses and Isolation Using Ionic Liquids
Paul Brandt, Professor of Chemistry; Chairperson of Chemistry and Physics

Fax Northside 777
Judith A. Brodhead, Associate Professor of English; Administrative Coordinator of Cultural Events

Helping First-Generation College Students Become Teachers
Julie Carballo, Adjunct Instructor of Education

Exploring Culture and Economics Through Film
Jean Clifton, Associate Professor of Management, and Matt Krystal, Associate Professor of Anthropology

Rising Up from Indian Country: The Battle of Fort Dearborn and the Birth of Chicago
Ann Durkin Keating, Dr. C. Frederick Toenniges Professor of History

Imagining Ideas
David Fisher, Professor of Philosophy

New Directions in Chamber Music
Mara Gallagher, Claire Langenberg, Nichole Luchs

Sport and the Construction of an Italian American Identity
Jerry Gems, Professor of Health and Physical Education

Using a Common Case Study Throughout the Accounting Curriculum to Encourage Student Understanding and Integration
David Gray, Associate Professor of Accounting

September 11th: Reconsidering Fears and Remembrances of Death
Perry Hamalis, Cecelia Schneller Mueller Professor of Religion; Associate Professor of Religious Studies; Director of Academic Opportunities

Challenges in Translating Holocaust Memoir
Sophie Hand, Professor of French

Staging a Steal: James Verone, Health Care Access, and Theft (?!) as Solo Performance
Kelly Howe, Assistant Professor of Theater

Violence and Power: British India and Ireland after the Great War
Shereen Ilahi, Assistant Professor of History

Farm Kids: A Retrospective
Zachary Michael Jack, Associate Professor of English

Teaching ‘Reading and Writing the Apocalypse’
Jennifer Jackson, Associate Professor of English; Director of the Writing Center and First-Year Writing
John Stanley, Assistant Professor of Speech Communication; Assistant Director of Forensics; Director of Individual Events

What’s In a Name? Elias Ashmole and a Seventeenth-Century Pursuit of Knowledge
Bruce Janacek, Associate Professor of History

Managing Information with Molecules: Progress Towards Understanding the Yak1 Signal Transduction Pathway
Stephen Johnston, Roger and Nadeane Hruby Professor in the Liberal Arts and Sciences; Professor of Biology

Transforming Teacher Education: A Panel Discussion
Maureen Kincaid, Associate Professor of Education; Chairperson of Education
Jan Fitzsimmons, Executive Director of Urban Education Laboratory
Nancy Keiser, Professor of Education; Coordinator of Teacher Education
Kristine Servais, Associate Professor of Education; Coordinator of Master of Arts Program in Education

Enriching Pre-Service Teachers’ Professional Experience Through a Partnership Program in Reading Assessment and Intervention
Shwuyi Leu, Associate Professor of Education

Simulating Auditing Procedures in the Classroom
Sarah Lureau, Assistant Professor of Accounting

The Politics of Film Censorship in Interwar Chicago
Steve Macek, Associate Professor of Speech Communication; Coordinator of Urban and Suburban Studies

Research vs. Teaching: A False Dichotomy
Donald McVicker, Professor of Anthropology Emeritus

The New Reality for Business Institutions: Societal Strategy
Robert C. Moussetis, Associate Professor of International Business; Chairperson of Management and Marketing/BUS, Coordinator,Master of Business Administration and Master of International Business Administration

Pop Culture and Public Dialogue: Exploring the Public Good through Superheroes and Monsters
Francine Navakas, Svend and Elizabeth Bramsen Professor in the Humanities; Professor of English; Director of Integrative Programs; Associate Academic Dean

Mathematical Knots: An Overview
Neil R. Nicholson, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

A Philosophical Portrait of Human Thoughtfulness
Michael Paradiso-Michau, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Content Area Literacy Instruction
Mary Beth Ressler, Assistant Professor of Education

DuPage Children’s Museum: Where Researchers Come Out to Play!
Nicole R. Rivera, Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology, and Patricia Schacht, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Multihost Pathogens Connect Amphibian Hosts to Their Communities
Gregory Ruthig, Assistant Professor of Biology

Development of New and Efficient Organic Reactions
Biswajit Saha, Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Rethinking the Roots of Political Engagement
Hillary Shulman, Assistant Professor of Speech Communication

Politics and Prisoners: A Case Study of the Reentry Environment for Former Prisoners in a Chicago Suburb
Carlene Sipma-Dysico, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Sociology

Motivation in Learning Chinese as a Second Language in American Colleges
Jinai Sun, Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese

Small Angle X-Ray Scattering on Mollusk Bivalve Mantle Epitheliums
Amanda Tallman, Lecturer in Physics

Service Learning: A Common Thread Through Different Disciplines: A Panel Discussion
Jerry Thalmann, Associate Professor of Accounting, Chairperson of Accounting
Alli Hayes, Assistant Professor of Accounting
Amy Buxbaum, Associate Professor of Speech Communication

Moving Beyond “Flashcards” – Using the Strategy Inventory for Language Learning (SILL)to Increase Student Motivation and Success in the Language Classroom
Monica Vuksanovich, Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish