North Central College - Naperville, IL

Message from the Dean

"North Central is a village where education is a way of life. It is a complete global community of students, faculty and staff where learning is an essential and integral part of all our deeds - inside and outside of the classrooms. Our academic programs are many-faceted. In a practical sense, they prepare students to succeed in their chosen careers when they graduate. But in a deeper sense, they are designed to liberate students' minds, allowing them to learn how to think in pure terms. For a student, a North Central education is a little like going on a trip with an explorer. You never quite lose touch with the world around you, but you are constantly exposed to new sights, new sounds, new ideas. The exploration can be demanding, even uncomfortable, at times, but when the journey is over you are equipped not only to adapt to the ever-changing society in which you live but also to lead the world."

Meet Dr. Pandian

Dr. Pandian earned his B.S. and M.S. degrees in 1963 and 1966 respectively from Madras University in India as well as a M.Phil. from Madurai University in 1971. His Ph.D. in mathematics was earned at George Washington University in 1983. Dr. Pandian has been at North Central since 1985 when he joined the faculty in the mathematics department. In 1993, Dr. Pandian became the chairperson of the Science Division. He has held the position of vice president for academic affairs and dean of faculty since 1995.