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Below, find numerous examples of rubrics, or scoring scales, as well as links to explanations of what rubrics are and how to use them.


Rubric Fundamentals

Chapter on rubrics - a good overview of rubrics



How to Use Rubrics

Creating a rubric - good chapter on how to create analytic and holistic rubrics
Creating a rubric - a good, detailed online tutorial - from the University of Colorado Denver



Examples of Rubrics


General Education and Cross-disciplinary


AAC&U VALUE Rubrics - The Association of American Colleges & Universities has created an excellent set of 15 general education rubrics (VALUE = Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education):


ePortfolio Assessment

Ethical Consideration

Ethical reasoning


Case analysis

Global Perspectives

Global awareness and cultural diversity


Integrative Learning

Integrative Learning

Critical Thinking Skills

Critical and integrative thinking

Creative thinking

Compare and contrast

Inquiry and Analysis

Problem Solving Skills

Problem Solving

Collaborative Skills

Cooperative learning

Peer evaluation of group work

Team work

Listening effectively

Writing Skills

Common writing elements

Term paper

Reflective writing

General eduation writing

Presentation Skills

Team presentation/lesson critique

Oral communication

Graphic organizers

Oral review of project progress with professor

Research Skills

Research report - contributed by Becky Clemente

Research paper

Action project

Review/Summarizing Skills

Article review

Discussion Skills

Class discussion

Online discussion

Class participation

Leading a discussion

Listening effectively

Technology Skills

Lifelong Learning

An ability to engage in lifelong learning

Lifelong learning

Information Literacy Skills

Information Literacy







Paper assignments


Artistic thinking and skills

2-D and 3-D art

Research project writing

Student self-assessment


Lab report


Design project


Poetry speaking and performance

Writing rubric

Term paper


Senior capstone

Rubric for lower-division survey course

Rubric for upper-division course

Oral exam

Research paper

Analyze a primary source

Interactive Media Studies


Management and Marketing

Create a strategic plan

Project management task, part 1

Project management task, part 2

Leading a business meeting

Leading a videoconference meeting

Assessing performance appraisal interviews

Persuasive presentation


Grading proofs


Brass performance rubric - scroll down this article to p. 103 to see rubric

Performance jury (instrumental or vocal)

Clarinet recital


Paper assignment

Ethics case analysis


Research-based position paper


Research project

Scientific reasoning

Speech Communication

Team presentation/lesson critique

Oral communication



Large Collections of Rubrics

Authentic Assessment Toolbox - a large collection of assessments and accompanying rubrics for K-12 and college subjects

Rcampus - Over 50,000 rubrics for undergraduate courses are listed here. The quality is uneven, but you are able to search by subject and type of assessment.

AALHE - The Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education has a large set of links to many good rubrics used in colleges/universities.









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