North Central College - Naperville, IL


Course Design Group  - Preparing a syllabus or the creation of a new course happens throughout the academic year.  Consider taking part in a course design group.  This involves a small number of faculty (typically 4 per group).  A four person group meets four times, for about two hours per meeting.  During each meeting, the group discusses each participant's course - with group members responding to the questions/topics that most interest the person who is designing the course.  The result is a draft of a new course or a revised course.  Great way to prepare for the term ahead.  Click here for more information on each of the four sessions.

Assessment Design Group - This is a four session experience to rethink or create assessment strategies that allow you to better evaluate how well your students are gaining and applying knowledge in a course you teach or will be teaching.  The format of the experience involves group conversation around specifics of your course and individualized one-on-one conversations.  Each of these approaches results in sharing and gaining ideas from the group and tailoring your assessment strategies to better meet the goals/objectives of your course.  

Faculty Round Table - Join in a discussion around a topic related to teaching and learning.  A panel of faculty shares their implementation of the topic in their courses.  These round tables are enhanced by discussions engendered by the presentations.  Ideas for topics are suggested by campus faculty.

Book Discussion - Participate in a book discussion.  The number of sessions is determined by the book and the facilitator.  Typically these have been two one-hour discussions.  Book suggestions come from faculty.

Consultation - the Center works with faculty from all divisions to improve teaching and student learning.  The consultation services at the Center are confidential.  Topics that can be address include such things as course planning and design, effective teaching methods, and assessment of student learning.